Every word that you speak to me is laced with impatience and hate. 

As it leaves your mouth my ears are filled with your distasteful waste.

You can’t seem to see me for who I am. Instead it’s thru harsh, red tape…from where is your disgust based?

The Past

It will forever last if you let it. 

But you know in the deep and molded folds of your soul that that old Skye, I beheaded. And you still won’t give me my credit. I just don’t get it. 

You refuse to let the old shit die even when you know that means improvement for both you and I…but then there came a time where I gave it one last try. Still I remain a bad guy in your eye. 

Debatin’ with me like you always gotta be right but that ain’t how shit work in real life. You see–we supposed to be down tight! Your negative assumptions about me cloud your view and actually say less about me and more about you. But it’s all good ku, I’ll gladly hold this L. Surely, in due time, you’ll see who really failed. You let your ego run away a person who truly meant you well.