All tingz PTB

Wherever you are, let us take a moment to fill our lungs with a few slow, deep breaths. Let all things be still as we exhale slowly, allowing all tension in our bodies and clutter in our minds to dissipate. Continue your breaths until your head is clear.

When you visit this blog site, I want it to be a place of solace—complete peace. All PlaceToBreak family are encouraged to tap into the deeper realms of our being, to the places that we rarely allow ourselves to explore. This is may allow us to discover our true selves and the things that make us beautifully unique.

Welcome to PlaceToBreak!

I’m so excited to meet you! You reading this means that I’ve finally launched the blog that I’ve fantasized about for so long. I’m the sweet and bubbly NaeNae, the administrator of PlaceToBreak (PTB). More about me down below.

I would absolutely love to meet every single one of you personally. Leave me something interesting about yourself in the comment section toward the bottom of the page. Maybe even include a selfie. I also welcome email messages. Thanks for visiting.

Our Vibe.

PTB is an lifestyle and inspiration blog, with an emphasis on leading a positive life through acts of self-love, focused reflection, and meaningful connection with others.

I aim for PTB to be your happy hour, as it will be mine. We all need time to wind down from life’s responsibilities and this would be a surperb place to do so. I also hope for you, the followers of PTB, to be open to the new experiences you’ll encounter here. Life is truly what you make it—so let’s make a great one. The goal is for this blog to help us all to develop a clearer conscious; one that would enable us to see things in ways that’ll be most productive and one that encourages healthy living. Reading has always been a constructive outlet for me so it’s my hope you find purpose in following this blog routinely.

I created this blog because I needed to break—up with my old routine, out of my comfort zone, and free of all inhibitions. Those surrounding me have been taking risks in one way or another by perfecting their crafts. Seeing others take a leap of faith encourages me to channel my energy into expanding my natural gifts–the fun of writing and my desire to inspire puts me in a perfect position to create an amazing blog. It’s time to shine, baby!

What I love most about any type of journalism, is the ability to read in our own voice. This way, what we read is digested and comprehended according to our life experiences, and maybe even our mood at the moment. Yes, watching a dope movie is exhilarating. But reading the written version is out of this world (take the 50 Shades of Grey series for example; the books were insanely good).

More important details

I will publish a post two to three times during the week. My posts will surround things that are going on in my life that could inspire you to keeping living’ your life and being the best you possible. I’ve also been digging into writing poetry, which I’ll share here as well. Additionally, I host ‘Selfish Sundays’ where I post a challenge for us to crush during the week ahead that puts us in perfect positions to consistently show ourselves the love that we need to be healthy and wholesome. Being a consistent participant will definitely add to the benefit of being apart of this journey.

The Rules: Be kind, be free, and have fun. Speak your mind and ease your worries. You’re exactly where you’re supposed to be. Welcome aboard.

About Me

  • Name: Janae C.
  • Sign: Sagittarius
  • Occupation: Caregiver & Elementary school tutor
  • Education: Majoring in English Teacher Education
  • Excessively obsessed with cats (I’ll be posting them a lot on the blog so if you’re a catty, this is an amazing plus 😉)
  • Fave food: Mac and cheese and bread (pancakes, cornbread, muffins, cinnamon french toast)

Ok…now to the REAL me

Question 1: Alcoholic drink of choice? Crown Royal Apple with cranberry juice and Stella Rosa Sweet Red Wine.

Question 2: What is your current state of mind? I’m calm and focused right now. I have dozen of ideas flowing through my head as I write, and in a way, it’s therapeutic. I’m also feeling confident and powerful. I’m truly appreciative for my life.

Question 3: Best TV show(s) ever? Law and Order: SVU, Power, & The Good Doctor.

Question 4: What is your idea of perfect happiness? When I think of living in contentment, my mind immediately illustrates a life of color; a stable, yet adventurous life. I’m fulfilled most by intangibles— being healthily in love (with myself/family and everything after i.e. career), engaging in activities that increases humility (traveling, volunteering), and learning new things in daily life. And you know ya girl gotta have Power, my couple of amazing friends, and a healthy crown.

Question 5: How do you prefer your potatoes? Definitely mashed.

Question 6: What are you too hard on yourself about? Honestly, everything. Being a perfectionist is my blessing and curse. I expect myself to know everything about everything, things have to be neat and organized at all times, and I have to excel at any proposed task. As I’ve grown older, I’ve become better at controlling this urge but I’m sure I’ll be working at this for a while. Practice breeds improvement.

The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.

Walt Disney

It is our choices, Harry, that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities.

J. K. Rowling

Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.

Dr. Seuss

Let’s build something together.