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A Place Just For Me

I’m always in my head and I’ve realized that that’s both a blessing and a curse.

And although it could have its drawbacks, it’s one thing that makes me diverse.

What I’ve always seen as misfortune could be quite helpful to me.

But that’s only possible if I alter the ways I receive things mentally.

Instead of allowing my thoughts to plunge me into a depression

Or aiming to do everything perfectly to satisfy my obsession…

I’ll be cool and attempt to understand the point life’s trying to make

And with the help of this blog, I’ll find it in my best interest to break–

Up: with my old, boring routine

Out: of my comfort zone

Free: of all inhibitions or fear holding me captive

Welcome to PlaceToBreak.

As I continue to grow into a graceful woman, I’m recognizing the most productive ways to live with what flaws I’ve been blessed with, such as being an overthinker. By focusing on the good in things though, I’m able to reserve my energy for the ones that matter most, the ones that will help me continue to make progress in this little precious thing we call life.

Building on my talents is among the most important. If I’m going to be consumed with thought, I may as well manipulate it into a strength. Therefore, I will use this blog personally, as a platform to reflect and ground myself. To find revelations in my thoughts and feelings I’ll also use this blog to advance myself professionally. Maintaining a solid work ethic applied to growing this blog will undoubtedly build my writing and creative skills.

Here at PlaceToBreak, you can look forward to…

  • Writing prompts for self-discovery
  • Meaningful and relatable poems
  • Sketches
  • Creative projects

PlaceToBreak is my pitstop. It’s where I’m able to dump and organize all of my thoughts and wonders. Interludes such as this help refuel my mind, body, and spirit and clears my line of vision.

Although throughout the lifetime of this blog you will gradually learn more about me, I’d like to give you a head start.

Getting to know your host : Janae C.

I have an odd obsession with stationary. Planners. Journals. Pens and highlighters. Sticky notes, sketchbooks. Gifts like these will always be accompanied by tears.

My music tastes depend on my mood. If I’m chill, writing, and/or drawing, I’m listening to Jhene Aiko, Sam Smith, and/or Drake. Showering and driving are the times I feel more of a badass; Eminem, Roddy Rich, and/or Joyner Lucas are on my list. I have my days, though, that I’m blasting Justin Beiber or Miley Cyrus. And maybe add a soft sprinkle of DaBaby, Summer Walker, Beyonce & a few old jams. 

My biggest fear is failing as a parent. I can think of the many ways that I may fail during the span of a lifetime but this one would bring me the greatest shame.

With all of that being said, it’s my hope that you enjoy being a part of this beautiful and scary journey ahead. I don’t take lightly any influence that my words and/or experience may have on you. Please take care.