It’s some shit on my mind that I’d like to share with those willing to read.

 But even if this falls upon deaf ears, a good release is what I need.

On the 8th day of last month, I took a loss like no other.

No part of my life has been the same without the presence of my mother.

My granny adopted me at the age of 1; so my grandma became my mom.

And you better believe me when I tell you–that mom/granny love is the bomb.

The person that I ran to with my wildest secrets, which never left her mouth

Is the same person that whipped my ass whenever I chose to act out.

Not everyone will understand the hurt involved in losing an OG.

& never had I thought that I’d have to bury mine at the age of 23.

The weight of that pain sat me flat on my ass; I swear to never tell a lie.

Yet that same pain taught me to appreciate the things that usually slip past our eye.

With every inch of my soul I’ll love my mom from wherever I stand.

In the name of Jesus, with the heaviest heart, I pray. Amen.

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