I am me unapologetically.

I am who I am.

Energetic. Mellow. Empathetic. Fun. Loving. Personable. Sensitive.

Very, VERY sensitive.

And up until now, I’d allowed my sensitivity to do more harm than good. I simply overfelt everything, regardless of my need to do so. Small fortunes would have the ability to make me so happy, give me a high. I remember when I was out shoveling snow last winter and I saw a stray cat (or what I thought to be a stray cat). OMG! I dropped that shovel so fast and did a click of my tongue to get the cat’s attention and it came directly to me and started giving me head bumps on my leg. Meant to be right? 😍 I was stroking the cat for seemingly forever, thinking of a master plan to get him to come home with me until our lovely little rendezvous was interrupted. “Sunny! Sunny! Time to come into the house, Sunny!” And just like that, my heart shattered into trillions and trillions (Trump voice) of pieces.

Feline infatuation at its finest.

Back to my point: Just as easy it is to make me happy it is to bring me down. Where I can now accept my feelings as visitors and let them go, I used to break down and curse my life when things go wrong. I was often a “why me” type of person. Just writing about this makes me be like, “Damn Janae, get a grip!” 🤣

But c’mon. I’m allowed to be a masterpiece and a work in progress simultaneously.

So now…

I am who I am… unapologetically.

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