Rainy nights are perfect scenes for self-discovery sessions.

Today was a great day for several reasons. Number one reason? I’m alive and healthy.

Reason number two: I video-chatted my favorite tutor-ee after about two weeks of not seeing her. She has lost baby teeth and everything! They grow up so fast. 🥺❤️

Reason number three: I had one of my favorite dinners tonight… salmon croquettes with broccoli and a sweet potato. Fret not, sometime this week I’ll be serving up another round of Exquisite Bites. Be on the lookout.

53 degree weather + cool breeze + cloudy skies + rain + laying in bed alone with my thoughts = happiness in a nutshell. This may be the perfect time to get into some self-discovery. 

905. What one thing are you worried will never change for you?

My suspicion of people.

I think most people are out here living for themselves. They have their own interests in the forefront of their minds. I know everyone isn’t selfish and cruel, but I believe majority of people to be shady. I have yet to meet someone who simply kept it real, like really real all of the time. People tell little white lies thinking that’s innocent but a lie is a lie. Only a portion of the truth is a lie. Putting sugar on sh*t is a lie. Withholding the truth is a lie. There’s two definite things that I like straight: the truth and alcohol.

I also think people have motive for nearly every inch of their behavior. They do things with faulty intentions. That’s a huge reason why I avoid asking people for any favor. I’d rather struggle than to have someone use what they’ve done for me as ammunition.

Perfect example: There are those who say “If you do good, good will come back to you.”

So…that’s the reason we shall do good? Not because it’s simply the right thing to do but because you’d reap a benefit from it? That’s questionable to me. If I have to question it, most likely won’t trust it. And I question e v e r y t h i n g.

Since I’ve finished my small tangent, this question is all yours.

Peace out.

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