The pretty present

I have a safe and stable job amid the Coronavirus outbreak. I’m in school, inching my way toward my career. I have a supportive and loving husband. I have friends that add flavor to my life like sprinkled lemon juice ever on freshly sautèd and steaming salmon. 

More than ever, I feel refreshingly fulfilled. I’ve realized that I’ve spent so much of my life wishing and wanting for something “more”. Never did I wholeheartedly appreciate the life I was blessed with. Sitting here at my desk right now, forced to avoid almost all outside activities and threatened with overwhelming anxiety when completing essential errands in the name of flattening the curve, being uncertain when I’ll be able to see my husband again,  and knowing how many of my loved ones are on the front lines bargaining with their lives and the lives of their families clears up any haze that may have been blocking my ability to be grateful for my pretty present.

There is nothing like now.

Whether it be working on getting more loyal readers to my blog or reaching my goal weight. Getting my hair to grow, waiting for my man to get home or praying for the last day of the semester–the thirst for tomorrow has left me too dehydrated to cherish my today. The truth is that right now, sitting in my bonnet in front of my laptop, texting my baby, and listening to Sam Smith, I feel fucking amazing. And I shall forever keep this thought in the crevices of my mind and soul.

I swear it’s not the red wine talking.

To put it plain and simple, it ain’t gotta be wrapped for it to be a gift. 

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