TGD Season 3 Finale – My Thoughts


All I can think to say is wow.


Dr. Melendez died. Dr. Park cried. Lea kissed Shaun. Dr. Reznick basically ended her own career. Wow.

Let’s start with Melendez.

I would have never expected that to happen to Melendez. I would have loved to witness the rest of him and Claire’s love as it progressed throughout the show. They teased us with something that would never even unfold. How unfair. And at first I was feeling some type of way about Claire falling in love with a man other than her man but the heart wants what the heart wants right? This comes just as she was getting a hold of handling her problems in healthier ways, thanks to the help of Melendez. Gosh I’m still in shock.

Melendez took the news like a straight champ. Of course he was quite rattled, but he was waaay more accepting and positive than I think I would have been. Yet, is there even a correct way of responding when told you’re gonna die?

Onto Shaun and Lea. 


Before I even move onto them, did y’all notice the change in Steve’s voice? 🥺 I love when they incorporate Steve into the episodes. His character is so refreshing.

Ok. Back to Shaun and love-em-then-leave-em Lea.

I don’t believe kissing Shaun was the best move. 1) The lack of sleep and the stress of the situation could very well be playing on her emotional state and 2) there was no definite point (that I saw) that could have completely removed her hesitations to be with him in the first place. If Shaun hadn’t have saved the woman’s life, would Lea still have kissed him? We’ve all seen Shaun make incredible saves before. Why is this one different?

Having to wait until Season 4 is gonna be torture. 

Now I’m left with thinking who’s gonna take Melendez’s place. If Dr. Park is moving to be closer to his wife and son, is he off the show too? What’s gonna happen with Dr. Reznick since she has messed up her hands? Will Lea eventually break Shaun’s heart…again? (She better not. She already struck out twice with me).

Are there any TGD lovers out there? What do you think is gonna be the outcome of all of this? Will you still tune in even though Melendez is out? Please comment and share the agony with me!

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