Busting My Bottom – My Health Journey

In a month’s time, ya girl has dropped ten pounds!

Yassss. That’s right! I’ve went from weighing 187lbs around the end of February to 177lbs. With consistent exercise and clean eating, minus my indulgence of an oreo McFlurry .. or two 👀, I’m inching my way towards my ideal self.

A shift in focus. For the past month, my focus has been on weight loss. I ensured that I stayed hydrated and ate more vegetables than anything else. Late-night snacking came to a halt and so did the Netflix binging (because what’s one without the other?) Instead, those activities were replaced with fun Zumba workouts. For the upcoming months though, gaining strength and endurance will be the bullseye. I will add a few more whole grain carbs to my diet and follow a workout regimen to get the gains!

In order to gauge where I am fitness-wise, and to set realistic goals for myself, I needed initial measurements of what I can already do. Being an army wife and all, I borrowed the army’s old way of screening soldiers’ physical abilities via a physical training test. Originally, the test included a timed two-mile run, two minutes allotted for sit-ups, and two minutes allotted for push-ups. More recently they’ve changed the way they measure a solider’s physical capacity to mimic real-life scenarios that they will encounter in the line of duty, like being able to run long distances or having the strength to carry a fallen soldier. Anyway, I’m gonna use the original test, but with some added flavor of my own.

The test. Using the two minute time-frame, I will see how many burpees, push-ups, and squats I can do. The burpees assess my cardiovascular endurance while the push-ups assess my arm strength. The squats will reveal just how much these meaty monsters can endure. Lastly, I’ll perform a plank until failure. This will test my core strength.

More than the numbers on the scale.

A good amount of pride does come from losing that weight. However, it pleases me more that I’m taking good care of myself. (I touched on this a bit in another blog post.) I’m not working out because I hate my body or because I would like to look different. I’m more so thanking my body for all the things it does for me day in and day out. She keeps me healthy from all disease and sickness, carries me through the work day, supplies me with the energy to help others, upon many other things.

Losing weight and gaining it back has gotten real old, real fast. Eating right for a while and allowing bad habits to creep back in is over. If there’s anything that I’ve learned, it’s that being healthy is a lifestyle. It’s all about the mindset.

Now go kill it, warrior.

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