Selfish Sunday 2|16|2020 – Simplistic Living

There are two ways to have enough: one is to continue to accumulate more and more. The other is to desire less.

G.K. Chesterton

Take a moment to ask yourself this: what are six things you cannot live without? Now narrow that list down to three things. What are you left with? How many of them are tangibles?

Life and those around us can pressure us to feel like we need to own certain things in order to be happy–an expensive wardrobe and gadgets galore for instance. If we don’t live up to the hype, though, we feel discontent, and unfulfilled. This can be described as an illusion of need.

In truth, we don’t need much to lead meaningful lives. Simplistic living can bring us as much joy, if not more, as owning our favorite things does. Moreover, what living simply can offer us is peace of mind. Putting less of our focus into things and more energy into appreciating our everyday experiences, enhancing our relationships with our loved ones, and observing the true beauty of nature could get us closer to realizing and living through our true purpose. It grants us with space to pursue our interests and passions.

Although simple living has a significant emphasis on decluttering our space and governing our desires of non-essentials, those are not the only ways to integrate it into our lives.

Think of simplistic living less as an action and more of an attitude.

Simplistic living can be for anyone. This is no one-size fits all matter. The ways in which we venture throughout this lifestyle approach is unique to us and our distinct values. For example, the only applications that exist on my phone are the ones that I use daily. As minute as this may seem, having my phone clean and organized puts me at ease. Speaking of cellular devices, I’ve also set up time limits for certain apps. I allow myself 45 minutes for social networking (Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter) per day. I may have to limit the time allowed with Pintrest; I can scroll on there f o r e v e r and a day.

Simplistic living challenge

Incorporate one or more of these practices into your life now and thank yourself later.

Journal for 20 minutes
Complete all errands
Purge your wardrobe
Organize your wallet

Ditch the makeup for a day
Evaluate your last 5 purchases
Stay offline for a whole day
Create a relaxing space
Read a chapter everyday
Batch cook your meals (meal prep)
Say no to something
Don’t complain
Meditate for 15 minutes
Turn off notifications
Venture outdoors

Think about it

What did your list of 6 look like? What would you add or delete after giving simplistic living a try?

Later loves đź’‹

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