A gamble of hearts

Certain circumstances have made me wonder why romance is such a dangerous game. Not only can it end in forever love but it can also end with pain. Being hopelessly in love may have you floating even above cloud nine but be careful ’cause it can also leave you losing what’s left of your suggestible mind.

I’m not saying any of this to scare people away from love or relationships. I’m simply speaking the experience of many and the importance of placing your chips. One must be comfortable with being vulnerable and compromising with their spouse. Love also demands that you do what is required to maintain a happy house. That means prioritizing your partner’s needs sometimes before your own. It means talking things through no matter how bad you’d rather hang up the phone.

A spouse’s infidelity is most people’s idea of a profound determining element. But deciding on whether to leave or stay should include other factors that are just as relevant: Does my man do what is needed without a constant reminder? To avoid conflict, will he supress the truth and become a liar?

Will he support healthy exchanges of our thoughts and feelings? Is he in it for the long run or only when things seem appealing? Will he give his one hundred percent effort to keep things spicy and smooth? Is he capable of bettering my life, of helping me bloom? Will he offer reassurance when I feel doubt? Even when things seem hopeless, is he willing to try a different route?

Everyone’s relationship may be different because we’re all pretty unqiue. But the goal of them all is quite the same; we all yearn for something concrete. We want that special someone that was made specifically for us. We want to be able to be ourselves with them, no need to adjust.

The love may be warm and fuzzy, now and later, but the warning remains the same: when you’re shooting cupid’s unpredictable arrow, be careful where you aim.

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