Food Fun!

For the past month, I’ve been putting more love into the meals that I cook myself and have been taking photos of my creations, organizing them into a special album called Exquisite Bites.

I have an everlasting goal of being actively conscious of what goes into my body. Having fun with food motivates me to fuel myself with goodies that are actually good–in taste and in healthiness.

I used to believe that eating healthy was incredibly boring and limited. (And it actually blows my mind that I’d considered it ‘eating healthy’ in the first place. It should be seen as normal to consume veggies and fruits more than processed foods.)

Truth be told, clean eating demands creativity just as much as it requires diligence. As corny as it may sound, starting this hobby has changed my outlook on food entirely.

My mindset has shifted from believing food to be my source of comfort to it providing me with what I needed to live a more fulfilling lifestyle.

As times goes on, I’ll be sure to share more of my delectables with you guys. Take care. 🌸

Answer to the riddle from earlier this week: She goes to the gym to deliver mail. 😂

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