Good Ol’ Day 1|29|2020

I couldn’t wait to get home to share my day with you guys!

I sighed an exhaustive breath as I plopped down into the seat of my car. I’d had a trying day work and was ready to go home to relax. As I was sitting there, allowing my car to heat up, I received a Facebook Messenger video call from Roberto, an old high school friend of mine that I haven’t heard from in almost 4 years!

Backstory | Having 4th period lunch was the worst. I sat at the table that was the 2nd closest to the door, alone and reading a book when Roberto and his classmates came into the lunchroom. Roberto always seemed be in such good moods. He offered me a smile that I eagerly returned (kids at my high school were buttholes, if I could get a smile out of someone, it was a good day!) Before I knew it, we began exchanging smiles more often. Not too long after, Roberto came up to me and introduced himself. He was quite shy but persistent! Everyday since then we’d have short conversations at lunch and became cool friends 😊

When I answered the video call, Roberto smiled and said hello. I was so happy to see him! I asked him how he was doing and he kind-of just sat there smiling, not really knowing what to say. I guess he was just as speechless as I was. His mom then took the phone from him and introduced herself to me. I explained to her where Roberto and I met. She began to apologize for Roberto “bothering” me but I quickly explained to her that I had no problem with him reaching out to me. (Roberto has an intellectual disability that affects his capacity to communicate with others).

His mom and I talked a bit more and then she gave the phone back to Roberto. He gave me his number so that I could reach out to him whenever I pleased. Words can’t explain how good it feels to be remembered and cared for by such a genuine person ❤️

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