Selfish Sunday 1|27|2020 – Cleansing the soul starts with a broom

Hey guys and happy Sunday!

Our self-care challenge this week is simple and straight-to-the-point but it provides us with such relief from a cluttered mind that it probably doesn’t seem like a self-care practice at all.

It’s kind-of a chore but turns into a one-person party once the beat drops… 🤔

Cleaning and reorganizing my room, while dancing along with my tunes, has always been an aid in making me feel anew. In the days leading up to the here and now have unfortunately been filled with dread and somewhat sorrow. Giving my room a nice cleanse perked me up a bit. Sooo…

Let’s grab a mop

and get to cleanin’

But you can’t stop

’til your soul is beamin’


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