Cleansing the soul through meaningful reflection and self-care practice

What a good start of the new year! Things are going good for me; I’m working towards my goals and staying in good spirits. Amid the once intensifying, seemingly now calm, relations between the U.S. and Iran, I was a bit on edge. I wasn’t getting a good night’s rest due to my nerves being stretched. Since my husband is stationed in the Middle East, there was good reason for my nerves to be strained. I reassured myself that nothing good would come of being worried–I ouhgt to pray and remain hopeful. Right now, things are looking better; he is safe.

I’m currently reading Vengeance by Zane, about a woman who was sexually assaulted during her highschool homecoming growing up to become a remarkably successful entertainer and seeking revenge on the people who had scarred her for life. The book is lit.

In order to blossom, we must show ourselves as much love and grace as we do to grow a beautiful garden.
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When I return from work this evening, I plan on showing myself some love by doing a Holy Basil compress. I’ll drop 2-5 drops if Holy Basil essential oil into a bowl of hot water and emmerse a face towel into the water. After wringing the towel out, I’ll cover my face with it, gently pressing into my skin and deeply inhaling the decadent scent. As I do my face, I’ll follow along my neck for healthy mind, body, and skin therapy.

About Holy Basil

Also known as Tulsi or Ocimum tenuiflorum, holy basil is analeptic for the mind, body and spirit. Different parts of the plant is believed to help in treating different conditions. For instance, essential oil made from holy basil leaves assists in the healing of insect bites.

Holy basil is also high in anti-oxidants, helping to protect your body from toxic chemicals.

All parts of the plant aid in your body’s ability to adapt to stress, improving mental stability. Studies also prove Tulsi’s potential to aid physical stress in humans and in animals.

After my ritual, I’ll be heading into the weekend refreshed and centered, as I hope you all will too.

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