Sinful procreation

I don’t think I’ll ever love my parents

Because they trashed sumn that was meant to be cherished

At the time of my birth, I know you had your demons

And I guess you solved them by poppin’ me out and leavin’

Me to be raised by my aging granny who

In a few years would need me more than I’d need you

You gave my granny money every sparingly for me

As if giving money alone helps raise a baby

Now that I’m older and a bit more mature

I realize that for the disease of deadbeat there’s no cure

The bond between a child and their parents is supposed to be forever

And yet you had nothing to do with the development of my character


What I hold in my heart for you all isn’t resentment or hate

Because the life I’m building for myself is turning out great

But truth be told, “dad”, I can’t seem to understand

How you can abandon your daughter and consider yourself a man

How on earth can you make a seed but not carry the weight?

Because I’ll do anything for the seed that I create.

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