My thoughts …Christmas Eve ’19

We’ve been having 45-50 degree weather with nice sun action for the past few days and it’s lowkey giving me Fall vibez. I’m incredibly thankful for my life and at this moment, I’m most grateful for the respect that I’ve grown for myself over this past year. Holidays have a way of influencing me to take a deep look into my life to see what truly matters.

I’ve noticed that this is a famous time for sharing love. It’s wamring my heart to see everyone in the Christmas spirit on social media and in real life. Unfortunately, this is also a time where it’s most devasting for those who don’t have the abiity to live like us–people who may be in the deep rivers of calamity. Let’s remember to share the love with inclusion in mind.

I’ve adopted so many good habits myself this year–I’ve learned how to be resilient and graceful, and most of all, kind. With devotion, I’ve blossomed into a lovely young woman. I have become versed to appreciate life’s intangibles. “The desire for material is never satisfied. True happiness resides in the heart, not the eye.” Here’s a poem called Red Nail Polish that I wrote expressing my small loves of life.

Well, gals and guys, I’m wishing homey and healthy holidays to you all. As we continue to move closer to the new year, may you brace yourself for all the considerable things you will soon manifest.

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