Protect Your Peace

The year of 2019 was something else, guys! But one lesson I’m glad I’ve learned was the importance of nurturing my emotional health.

In life, we all are going to end up in situations that test our patience and have the ability to cause us stress. Daily trivial inconveniences add up. I’m running late! Why does my boss want to meet with me? Damn, I just spilled coffee on my shirt! Why is this line so looooong? Think about it: what’s your state of mind at the end of each day? 

There are plenty of times that I’ve noticed myself being unreasonably tight and tense, especially when I’m driving. For some unknown reason I drive as if I’m in a rush by default. Am I actually in a hurry? No. But the car if the car in front of me hit their brakes one mo’ time…! 

Truth be told, all of that negative energy is futile. We do more harm to ourselves by stressing out over things that don’t call for emotional reactions. Instead, we should aim to be more patient with ourselves and to learn what triggers the worst in us.

Do Not Disturb

As I’ve become increasingly conscious about my emotional health, I’ve noticed that there was a shift in who I wanted in my circle. 

I’ve become extremely selective with whom I allow into my space. I keep my distance from those who constantly complain and curse the world–those who have nothing to offer but judgment and hostility. The earth holds so many beauties that I’d rather much place my focus. 

That’s why I get much so pleasure from being alone. I’m free to let my thoughts run wild. My inhibitions are non-existent. My head is clear and my heart’s centered. When I’m not keeping myself company, I prefer to be around people who feel like sunshine. My family and friends are more than enough to help keep me grounded.

A Peace of Perspective

Being peaceful is more than being happy. Happiness, to me, is short-term whereas peace is forever. Maintaining a healthy state of mind has a lot to do with emotional adaptation: reacting to changes that occur in everyday life in a productive manner. I’m learning to train my brain to be stronger than my emotions and to respond rationally rather than impulsively. Being naturally sensitive makes this more difficult for me than your average Jane, but I’m getting accustomed to reserving my energy for the proper things that call for attention. When I’m feelin’ frustrated, I urge myself to breathe the good in and let the bad out. Living in peace is well worth the work.

Don’t expect perfection. Life is madly unpredictable. Don’t waste your time or energy on the imperfections–build a life of serenity. The ball is in your court, take the shot.

Challenge time!

I welcome you to work towards finding solace in your daily routine. When to start? Now is the perfect time.

p.s. I would love to hear how you’re doing with the challenge. Feel free to email me or submit a comment to this post to update the PTB family on your progress.

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